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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I started another blog! The Hollywood Sew is a blog dedicated to the creation of original and home-sewn outfits inspired by movies and television that I can wear everyday. Please take a look and I hope you follow along! Once there you can comment to vote on which Game of Thrones inspired dress I should make, and automatically be entered to win a prize!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Please take a look at my other blog The Hollywood Sew. Once there you can comment to vote on which Game of Thrones inspired dress I should make, and automatically be entered to win a prize!

Here is my Joan dress, for the Julia Bobbin Mad Men Challenge II  I decided that for the summer (and conveniently for the deadline!) that sleeveless would be better, and I plan to add the sleeves for the winter. When I started this dress it was the first time I had worked from a store bought pattern, it went reasonably smoothly as the markings were very clear, although selecting a size continues to baffle me. No matter how many times I measure the pattern pieces I am always unsure how it will be exactly when it is finished. I guess that is just how it is when making your own clothes until you have perfect construction. I really love the colour and I think this dress has a retro feel despite it being a contemporary pattern (Simplicity New Look A6123) It really does need a good ironing before I wear it in public though! The flounce is not something I would have usually done but I really like it and will consider using again. Here was my inspiration: 

Just for fun (and because I'm sick of my grey curtain as a backdrop) I photoshopped myself into Don Draper's office. Don't tell my hubby!

Friday, April 19, 2013


I did it! Just in time for the Spring Top Sewalong deadline today haha. I like to live on the edge.
I love the sorbetto top, even with the very shifty fabric it was easy and fast to sew up. The longest part was choosing a size (this always stresses me out because if I can't wear it then what is the point!) I first traced out a 6 pattern but then after reading more reviews decided on a 4 which fits great, but is a little short. This is mostly because the fabric frayed so badly I had to roll the hem over twice to get a clean finish. Working with chiffon (low quality Joann's chiffon no less) was quite the pain in my behind, the fabric slid around inches while I tried to cut and must have fallen off my tiny sewing table a hundred times. Surprisingly despite this mishap the top is still symmetrical and looks like it should. Since cutting this I read that placing the shifty fabric between tissue paper while cutting resolves this problem, so next time.... 

I really love bias binding, I used the cheating method of placing it on the edge right side up and just topstitching which is how I first sewed binding without knowing about the proper technique. I find this easier and the result pleasing so why further aggravate myself! The sheer orange neon with a pastel accent is a colour combo I really like and this was one of those projects where you picture something you like and it comes out exactly how you wanted. Hope this happens again soon! Now I just have to finish and photograph the Joan dress for Monday, and the black and white project before we fly to the UK on the 30th. oh and pack up our lives too. Yikes!