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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Since this picture was taken at my shower I have given birth to baby Zeke! However since this is primarily a sewing blog and I am finally able to fit in crafting and blogging again I will stay on topic... This dress came out so much better than I could have hoped for, especially construction wise. I tried my hand at french seams and will never go back, fabric weight permitting of course. Properly finished seams are so satisfying, knowing that the garment will, in theory, survive a machine wash makes it all the more worth the time spent making ones own clothes haha. I decided to opt for a white trim at Husband's suggestion and I think it turned out very sweet paired with my blue mules, a little christmas cheerleader but hey- now I can wear it around the holidays with future pregnancies. Incidentally it seems to look pretty normal on my post partum body anyway.

What did I learn from this project? Asides from furthering my drafting skills and figuring out how to drape a Bump, I know now to ALWAYS add any binding last. I tried to sew the shoulder seams after the neck binding was attached and it made them so bulky I spent ages trying to trim them, eventually weakening the seam so badly that it had to be reinforced with a zigzag topstitch. This was quite unsightly and although not very noticeable to anyone else, I knew it was botched! Another lesson learned was that I always make armholes too high, this dress is still wearable just not too breathable in New York humidity. The armhole and neckline facings and the bust darts came out beautifully and overall I am amazed that the dress fit my full term figure so well. I can't wait to sew maternity clothes next time when I have more experience. Until then I have breastfeeding friendly designs to create.

In the works now is Baby Zeke's Elf costume, it's so cute already I can't wait to see him in it when it's finished!