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Friday, January 11, 2013


2012 was the best year yet- we had baby Zeke, my brother moved to New York, and I started and now love sewing. I am pretty happy with my accomplishments- one skirt, two maternity dresses, a baby elf costume, two pairs of curtains, and a tablecloth to name a few. My goals for 2013 are this: find time to sew. With baby Zeke I dont have any down time until the weekend when Husband can take over and then I have chores that I need to do first.

The last minute Elf costume (pictured above) came out swell. Since I used felt the edges didn't need finishing which left me time to make these elf clogs! I resized an xmas decoration pattern based on an existing pair of his shoes and added bells on the toes. The added all in one underneath and hat finished the look perfectly.
Over the holidays in Nashville I went to Joann's and stocked up on fabrics for my next 5 projects- two evening dresses, two skirts and a fleece baby blanket. Maybe two evening dresses aren't the most practical choice for my current role as milk machine but I have very few smart dresses and my size has not fluctuated in the last few years, apart from a 9 month stretch ;) so I feel like I can get good use in the post-lactating future. My new dress form, a late birthday present from Husband, will make draping easier for a fitted dress too so I'm eager to test it out. Here's my updated project list by season:

In the spirit of the new year I decided to cut my hair really short (for me... I've had mid-back length hair since I was a teenager) thinking it would be more for saving time than a beauty choice but actually I love it! It is easy to style with a quick bow and doesn't frizz out into a hedge as I was expecting. It makes me think about taking other exciting risks I would never have considered!

Speaking of exciting risks.... we have settled on our decision to relocate to my native land England. We are very excited for the move to the English countryside, although I will miss my little bro :( we will be closer to the rest of my family. 2013 is already looking great!