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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Progress has sped up significantly since I moved my sewing machine into the living room, not having to go through Zeke's room means I can sew easily when he takes naps. All I have left to do  is to put in the zipper, attach the sleeves and hem the bottom. I say all, but the former two make me very nervous... ah well practice makes perfect so I better just get on with it. I have a feeling that the bodice might need taking in, but that's what I get for being too lazy to make a muslin or grade from a 10 top to 12 bottom.

I didn't smile in pics back then as I hated my braces!
I had totally forgotten about this art project I made at fifteen, and I saw this photo again last weekend. I took junk food wrappers and stuck them onto clear contact paper to make a 'fabric' which I then used to construct a corset and full skirt. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the whole outfit, but I guess I should say this was my first sewing project from now on!

This week I have been dreaming about shift dresses, retro swimwear, boat neck dresses and scalloped lace overlays. Getting ready for the big move is taking up a lot of my 'free' time. Knowing that I am going to be sewing machine-less for May and June I am trying to prioritize what I need to get done before then for our trip to France for my sister's graduation. 


  1. I love this dress! The color is going to look fabulous on you. I've been dreaming of shift dresses as well. Have you seen the newest Colette pattern? Shift dress heaven!

  2. Wow! The dress looks great so far! I just saw the new Colette pattern, too - we should keep it in mind for the next challenge for our sewing group.

  3. The Joan dress is looking great!! Also I love your high school project, though it's too bad you don't have any pictures of the full on finished project because it sounds so interesting. My friends and I would shrink plastic wrappers and make keychains out of them. Never would have considered using them for fabric!

  4. Thanks guys! Yes I'm excited about the Colette shift too, after this dress I feel like something simpler to make is in order.

  5. Nice! I didn't realize the finished dress would have sleeves, and it will be awesome. :) What did you wear the junk food wrapper dress for? I hope for something fun! I had the same idea for the Colette pattern as well. But first thing's first, the Black & White challenge: I gotta get on that pronto!