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Sunday, February 19, 2012


 TA dAHHH here it is, My brand new sewing machine- a Singer Athena (with automatic stitch settings!) a wedding gift from my mother-in-law. I last, and first, used a sewing machine when I was around fourteen, it was a required class at school and I made a cushion cover with a zip using fabric onto which I had drawn a very lazy image of a union jack. Using the machine came fairly naturally and I was surprised that it actually zipped up when I was finished. I never thought about sewing again after that, and the cushion remains in my childhood bedroom. Since then I have become a designer of prints and work in the fashion industry, still unable to sew more than a cushion cover. Thinking about it, I dont know why I didn't pursue sewing as I've always loved crafts, I made and sold jewellery in high school and loved decorating the dining table for my mum, but since I left college I havent made time for hobbies. Plus, being fairly undomestic, sewing seemed to be in the same category as other typical housewifely traits I didn't possess- I couldn't (or maybe wouldn't) cook either, but now all of that has changed. Maybe because the housewife in me was stirred when I married Husband, I have started cooking, rediscovered my passion for baking (no big surprise with my love of chocolate and the long line of professional bakers in my family) and have decided that my new mission in life is to teach myself how to sew! In preparation I have been looking at every blog and pin out there on the subject (retro sewing seems to be my favorite) I took a beginners sewing class with a good friend to relearn my way around the machine, and read several sewing books, including one on how to utilize sewing machine accessories that my mum gave me for christmas. My goals include making clothing from patterns and then adjusting said patterns and eventually drafting my own, and I can't wait to explore the endless possibilities!  

Welcome to my blog and please join me in my quest to creative domesticity!

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