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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I finished all the curtains a couple weeks ago and have to say I love the fabric for the kitchen ones, so french and fun- exactly what I had in mind. I found it on my first trip to Joann's in the apparel section, although quite pricey for Joann's at 9/yd, me and husband agreed it would let the light in while giving privacy quite nicely. Since one of the windows has an AC unit I folded up and baste hemmed the curtain above it for the summer months. The living room and nursery curtains came out well too but the curtain wired I got from Ikea bow in the middle which doesn't do them justice. I loved the straight forward measurements of sewing curtains, compared to fitting clothes especially for maternity which i find stressful, but I did learn some things along the way:

1. A clear ruler is indispensable when measuring and pinning the hem.
2. You can't rely on the fabric having been cut in a straight line off the roll
3. Sewing large panels like curtains is physically exerting- maybe not an olympic worthy sport but still a challenge in my pregnant state!

On a recent day trip upstate to Poughkeepsie, NY for a babiesrus visit and olive garden gaff we frequented Walmart as usual so Husband could check out the sporting goods section and I could look at the craft and sewing supplies, where I found these two dress patterns A6123 and A6020:

I'm excited to use a real patterns rather than printing the downloadable ones or drafting my own from existing garments as I think it will be a smoother run. The ruffle dress seems like a good holiday dress to do in a sheeny fabric to wear with stockings and the picnic dress for the summer in a bold floral print a la Betty Draper. I've been having trouble finishing projects in time for suitable weather and feel a sewing project list by season might facilitate the process of buying fabric and executing the garment in time to wear it. Plus it should be easier to sew when I'm not at work even though looking after baby boy will be a full time job!

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