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Friday, February 8, 2013


It was high time to take down the wreath so to hang in its place I fashioned a Prospect Park, Brooklyn homage that we can take to England when we move as a souvenir. Frame: freebie from set, Ribbon: from a tea towel gift set, Printed paper: wrap from a gift, Photo corners: left over from wedding album, Postcards: 99c each from a local stationary store. Total cost = $1.98 The paper is a little busy to be a background but I love the print so I wanted to reuse it. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about vintage fashions, maybe because I am participating in the Madmen dress challenge II at Juliabobbin.com and have subsequently been researching mid-century style, plus my ongoing addiction to watching period dramas currently has me dreaming about the 30's and 40's look thanks to the Upstairs Downstairs remake. Much of what I have been reading in the blogosphere recently is about the detrimental impact of throw away fashion and how sewing can be a way to combat the problem. This made me proud that I am sewing most of my clothes and altering existing garments. However it did lead me to ponder about how even home sewing can produce similarly wasteful results. 

For example, I have two evening/smart dresses in my sewing plans yet I will unlikely have an opportunity to wear them until at least six months from now as they cannot be worn with a nursing bra and what I really wear right now is sweatpants and cold weather boots... I want to make them as it seems more rewarding to create something beautiful rather than practical even if it's barely worn but isn't buying factory produced fabric for that that just as bad as funding the sweatshop industry? I'm not saying they will never be worn or that they will go out of fashion and will be thrown out but they definitely do not qualify as a sensible investment of my time and money. The new skirt I made has yet to be worn due to the fact that I can only wear cold weather boots for the snow and flats for carrying Baby Z down the treacherous stairs at present.

But what about sewing for practice and fun? If I only made what I would get daily use from then I would never learn how to sew collars and facings and zippers (this list could go on forever) and sewing with only navy fleece and jersey would be very dull indeed. My conclusion is that although home sewing is better than shopping at chain stores it is not entirely without waste, especially when it is also practiced as a hobby rather than solely for function. 

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