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Monday, February 25, 2013


The polka dot skirt made an appearance at my brother's birthday brunch last weekend. It is really comfy and the lack of a slit didn't seem to pose a problem. The fabric is very thin so although a lining would make it more figure flattering, I think the lightness gives it a designer feel. I didn't use a pattern, it is basically two rectangles sewn together with french seams down the sides and an elastic casing at the top, hem on the bottom. I still plan on re-hemming it to a 1940's knee length after I have worn it in this length for a while. I wore it with a Paul Smith brooch my mum gave me for Christmas, that is made of vintage Valentino buttons to form an Owl (each brooch is unique and comes with a registration number).

I pinned the pieces of my Joan dress to the dress form and it looks as if it might be a good fit, fingers crossed! Now I just have to sew it together but that requires following instructions, which I hate to do!

1 comment:

  1. I just love the outfit you wore to your brother's birthday brunch! The skirt came out so well, and I am SO EXCITED to see the Joan dress when you're finished because it looks amazing on the dress form!!