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Friday, February 22, 2013


Yay! Finally I was able to work on my Joan dress, the pics are proof of my labour. My assistant took lots of breaks to lounge in his chair, but since he was such good company I forgive him. Figuring out how to place the pieces was the hardest part, I didn't buy enough fabric silly me, but after many configurations I found one that worked. The sleeves and some of the neckline facings are not cut on the grain as specified in the instructions but at least I had enough fabric this way. Hopefully this will not affect the drape/fit of the dress too much since I dont plan on doing any aerobics, oh wait- every day is like an aerobics class with baby Zeke.

Look Mum I can kick my own socks off, tee hee!
Next I am pinning the cloth pieces to my new dress form, more for fun but also to see how it's going to look. I agonized over which size would fit and in the end, after calculating the finished waist measurement (why Simplicity don't think that golden nugget would be useful is beyond me) I decided that a size 14 would be the best bet. We will see soon enough... or not depending on when I can get on the machine. Even if I can't sew, Polka dot skirt might get an outing this weekend for my brother's birthday shenanigans... 

A few things have been on my mind recently:

- Refashioning clothes in a way that improves them not just changes them.
- Sewing multiple projects at once, motivating or stressful?
- Vintage wear with an active lifestyle (Vintage active wear is not the answer haha)

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